There is no logistic companyΒ  without one flaw or the other either local or international but I am dealing with international here today.

The sad aspect of it is that they can mar or make your business if you fold your hands. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The reasons for most of the flaws is as follows:
1. None of them have control over the airlines being used
2. Some of them don’t have office of their own(they operate on attach)
3. They have no control over govt policy(they cant predict custom and nafdac)
4. Some of them have wrong personnel in the helm of affair.
5. Some of them are not sincere and truthful. That is they won’t tell you some hidden charges like packing fees etc

Best approach:
Don’t put all your shipping eggs in ONE BASKET.

Learn to tweak.

Research to know when to use, who to use, how to use, know when to withdraw.

Some are good in one aspect. Some are damn zero in another aspect. Some don’t ship anything battery and oil but Some do.

Some attract you with low shipping rates but you will regret your life later as it turns nightmare.
Some ship only shoes and bags( Asia world…….but maka why?).
Some your 3.1kg is 4kg(Chrisvicmall).
Some your 1.1kg is 1.1kg (NBC) express shipping awesome though high but at times there staff can be mad. Some their Minimum kg to ship is 12kg.
Some your goods weights 12kg in China and when it gets here 16kg( i no go mention name).
Some lowest shipping fees is $50.

Dont be scared to take risk. Do your home work. I have used the following: liberty logistics, Main services, NBC, AsiaWorld, Base1, St. Patrick, Fafalux, Noniking, Starway, Choice, Skycargo, Skysail, Fish and many i cannot remember their names.( abi ashawo o)

That is why I don’t key to one particular shipping company. I take my time to research and do a lot of water testing.

At One time, Noniking was best until their almighty girls becomes a problem,. I tried Fafalux, I lost goods worth 360$ with no trace with stupid Vienna convention law. All ends up in story. NBC was one time people choice until lately people begin to complain.

In Summary There is no near Perfect in all of them.. All of them have good and bad advantages.

Make use of the good advantage and trash the nonsense. I share and talk out of experience. I have lost goods worth of thousands of cash, 25 pieces of quality bags got missing with no trace

It is quite clear that if you are not careful, these logistics company both local and international can cut your dream shot.
Enjoy till my next post

Coach (QBE)