Mini Importation is quite interesting when you know what it takes to do, unfortunately many got their fingers burnt and end up regretting the business.

I discovered lately a lot of new prospect who wants to do mini importation but do not know the nitty gritty of the business ends up being cornered or convinced doing GROUP BUYING. Group Buying as the name implies means group of interested persons coming together to contribute money together to be handled by the group Admin who spells out the price of the products in question, pushes the cash contributed to the buying agent who buys on their behalf and ships to Nigeria .

On arrival the group admin informs them of the goods and cost of shipping. They jointly contribute and pay for the shipping cost. The goods are cleared and shared.

Sounds pretty good on the following condition when the Admin is truthful and transparent in his or her dealings. Unfortunately many have got their hard earned cash swindled by this act.

The reason some gives for group buying are simply the following:

1. Shipping cost reduction. Is that true? No it is a lie. The higher and bigger the goods the higher the cost. Under good analysis, the cost are the same. The only possibility of shipping cost reduction is shipping through the sea.

2. The reduction of cost of products in terms of quantity. That is true to an extent. If the MOQ is 100 and the product is a good one, we can leverage on the power of group buying.

Having said all that, let us see the best conditions for group buying if at all you must embark on doing Group Buying:

  1. Come together as a group to decide one or two products that are fast moving. The products must meets the following: (1) Does it solve a problem? (2) How profitable is this product (3) Is there any market for it or is the market already saturated? (4) What is the current market value price of that product? If all these question are correctly answered then we move to theĀ  next condition.
  2. Let us assume we all agreed on the 2 products for the group. What is the cost per piece and how many pieces are we purchasing looking at the lowest cost on the quantity. We are buying 200 pieces for the group meaning if we are 5 in that group we should be expecting one person to have 40 pieces of that product. Get the total cost of the product, freight charges, agent fees and analyse also the possible shipping cost of the intending goods. The sum total of the buying cost, freight and agent fees should be made known to the group for careful study and there should be no hidden charges. The group come together to share the cost equally. The total cost is 100k shared by 5 is 20k each person to pay for cost of 40 pieces each.
  3. On arrival the cost of shipping is also spread among the 5 and extra cash is contributed for 1 or 2 person to join the admin in bringing the goods out to be shared.

If these condition are not in place, the following may likely happen:

  1. The admin may be exploiting the group by giving them high price as against the real price of the good.
  2. The possibility of the organizerĀ  using the OPM to run the business and sell to them again is likely to happen
  3. There is also possibility that you are treadingĀ  on wrong path of loosing your money to the so called Admin

The way forward , 1. Get a mentor to teach you mini importation business. 2. Learn what is takes to import yourself and make profit rather than banking on Group buying. Take your destiny into your hands today.

Having said all this, there are still good Admins who are truthful and sincere but bad ones are more .