We always have this believe or notion when things are not working well that there is one witch or bad person around us responsible.

To an extent, that is not always true. Most of the die die die prayer we offer, if God should answer them, many of us will die. Why? Because many of us are responsible for some things not going well.

I was at Ajah Market in Lagos at about 10am to get some items for my wife.

I saw a blunder that some of us are making and yet complain sales are not coming or things are not working well.

The market opens as early as 6.30am. Sellers have open their stores selling as early as 7am.

Behold as at 10am I saw a man praying and speaking bla bla, bringing fire down yet have not open his shop. I waited to see how long it will take this prayer warrior to open his shop but alas busy in the spirit.

What a mistake. What nonsense. What waste of time. Praying in the market shop past 10am when others who knows their onions have made at 5-10k since 7am

Praying? What happened at 3, 4, 5, 6am ? Sleeping I guess. I love prayer and love to pray but the Place of Diligence can never be replaced with Prayer. Get that straight

Go to Oshodi, Agege bus stop as early as 5am you will see and meet women selling hot rice, correct Eba, Beans. Are they spirit? No. They are human beings with blood running in their veins.

They meant business. They know what they want. They know the difference between hard work and religious activities.

The witch may be you and is Only You can stop You. Remain blessed until i come your way again