Pain Relief Spray Rheumatism Arthritis Back Shoulder Spray

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Usage: external use. Sprayed on the site can be uncomfortable. Massage to heat or eat plastic film covering about 20 minutes better, each 1-2 sprays, 2-3 times a day. Taboo:1. This product is for external use, prohibited oral.2. Prohibit the consumption of cold, greasy food.3. Do not touch the eyes, mouth, and other mucosal Department. Skin ulceration can not be used.4. Menstruation and lactating women are prohibited. Children, the elderly and the infant should be used under the guidance of physicians.5.This product’s character changes it is prohibited to use.6. Children must use this product under adult supervision.7. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Bones Ling Spray Specifications: 30ml / bottlearthritis or bone pain , neck pain and so on is a condition of “stuckness,” particularly “blood stuckness,” where circulation to joints, bones and ligaments has been impaired. In TCM, the most important property that an herb can offer to heal chronic disease, including arthritis, is its ability to “move blood.” TCM explains that china is our vital energy; also known as nerve force or biological nervous energy. Without chi, blood doesn’t move. Without the movement of blood, you don’t have chi. Product Efficacy: This product is a quick blood circulation, swelling antibacterial agent. For various types of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, acute and chronic soft tissue injury, bruises pain showed pain, swelling, blood circulation. It is essential for home travel products. Suitable for the crowd: for rheumatism, rheumatoid synovial swelling and pain and joint pain caused by joint effusion.Joint swelling and pain, joint stiffness, can not flexion and extension, waist and leg muscles of the crowd

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